focused on sharing the
wonders of Jesus

Objective One

Love Jesus

There’s a beauty in knowing who Christ is. There’s freedom, joy, peace that comes from being one with Jesus

Objective Two

Love People

The love of Jesus allows us to freely love others, and point them to know Christ for themselves

Objective Three

Share Truth

Rooted deep in the heart of every Christian, is the word of God! The truth in the bible is enough to save us all



To Love God, love others and to share the truth. We are workers for Christ, and we recognize that we are in the last days of earth’s history. As such, everyone we meet must come to know and witness who Jesus is through us. Whether it be our words, our actions, what we eat, how we dress, where we choose to venture, every aspect of our lives must be reflective of Jesus so others may come to know who He is. This is the purpose for which we were created: that God may be glorified, exalted and praised.

Our Name Says it All!

Love316 Mission


God is Love, therefore we ought to love others: deeply, with utmost sincerity, considering others always above ourselves, even as Christ puts us always before Himself


John 3:16 tells us that God’s love for us is so deep and encompassing He sent His only son Jesus to die for our sins that we might live eternally when we accept Him


We are to share Jesus as Matt 28:19 tells us to, by teaching the truth in love. We are called to serve and minister to others, just as Jesus did here on earth

Goal 1: Love God – it’s not enough to say we love Him, our actions and our fruit must reflect this. God loves us immensely, and our desire is to love Him as deeply as He loves us all

Goal 2: Love people – everyone is created by God, unique, full of purpose, full of talent and gifts to share. We ought to love everyone as God loves us, and says we must love each other. Love makes this world go around, we can reach far more people by loving them, than we can when we are at ought against them

Goal 3: To be a beacon of light, sharing the truth of Jesus, the message of the bible: God’s unadulterated truth. To inspire others to come to know Jesus personally

Goal 4: to cause others to see Jesus within our own lives, thus compelling them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour

Goal 5: Encourage, uplift, inspire, community, support, motivate, feed and teach



Meet the author

Creative at heart

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by this site. I’m Sasha-Shae W. a servant of Jesus, a creative at heart seeking to infuse and share how Jesus has impacted my life. Life hasn’t always been easy, but it’s sure been beautiful because of the love Jesus bestowed to me.

Born and raised in Jamaica, W.I. I have had my fair share of seriously traumatic events, and equally joyful ones. I’ve had phases of life where I felt like why bother, why press on? But not until I really got back to the heart of the matter, back to the truth that I really am still holding on because Christ did the ultimate sacrifice, not only for my grandparents and parents, or my pastor, or that kid who just seems to have life all together, and not only for those I saw at church, but He did it for me too. Knowing that allowed me to dig deep underneath my pain, my fears and cling to the hope and promise that Jesus’ love and grace was enough.

Today I am more than sure, it’s not only enough, it’s all we ever need. The more we focus on Jesus, the more we are able to live our lives the way He intends us to. The more we live like Jesus, the more we can draw others to know Him too. Honestly, my only aim in life at this point is really to tell as many people I can about the redemptive, saving, loving goodness of Christ, and why there’s really no other choice but to choose Jesus.

You’re probably saying, “but Shae, what do you do, and who are you?” Here’s a really short synopsis: I’m a creative: I love web design, graphic design and branding and also singing (even though I may not be so great at it), reading, writing and honestly doing/crafting/creating + reflecting. Lately I got into doing Medical Missionary work and I love it because it bridges between sharing Jesus and effectively helping others. I’m married and I live somewhere in this crazy city called New York. I’m also pretty introverted, though I try to break out that box every now and again.

As you can tell, I’m not so great at talking much about myself, lol. I’d say I can be pretty funny (sometimes) and on the other hand I do have a bit of wit and sarcasm (look, it’s a work in progress to get rid of it though). I appreciate genuine connection with others, real talks, giving a listening ear and whatever advice I can that will be helpful, I also enjoy helping others however I am able to in word or deed, and I seriously love having true heart to heart moments with others (especially when it comes to talking about our faith-walk and putting those ‘masks’ we sometimes build up, all the way down). By now I am hoping you get the gist of who I am in a small nutshell.

I hope to share articles, health nuggets, tips, insights, life and everything that comes with this journey we tread as Christians here on this blog. I’m hoping through these articles/pieces shared we get to know each other better and grow deeply rooted for Jesus. If you care to venture with me, come along friend!

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